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Home bar – Now a fashion statement

30 or 40 years ago it was modern to have a home bar. You would meet privately and enjoy partying to late in the night. However when it became more popular to go out, the home bar was no longer used as much and it became somewhat embarrassing to own such a thing. However, thankfully now, the home bar is back with a vengeance.

The options to create an amazing place to keep your bottles and glasses are many. For example a bar cart so you can move your drinks and cocktails around the house. The globe bar that attempts to be a piece of art in your home and the Man Cave that has resurfaced in a more contemporary design. Alternatively you can build your own bar and therefore get exactly what suits you.

At CUBA we love the option to make a cool piece of furniture, that fits into your home and that showcases our amazing drinks and cocktails well. Have a look at Buster & Punch’s rockstar bar which is an elegant piece of furniture, that comes in both walnut and oaktree. It is 110 cm high and will fit in to most homes easily. The price is quite high, because you are paying for luxury and exclusivity. But we do love this piece of furniture.

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