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Deliciousness in a bottle

We have Denmark's largest flavoured vodka series. The first CUBA vodka produced was CUBA Caramel, which was launched in 1998. Since then the CUBA family have been joined by many delicious, flavourful and colourful members – and we love every single one.

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It’s my Passion – exotic flavour, tropical inspiration and a fabulous sweetness that makes you think of the caribbean, sunny beaches and beautiful sunsets. That’s CUBA Passion.

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Ripe, juicy sweet oranges, that’s the flavour of CUBA Orange. Are you a Blue Lagoon? A Sidekick? Or maybe a Viper?

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Adventure, a night by the fireplace or a night on the town. CUBA Caramel can do it all! With a sinful flavour of caramel, CUBA Caramel leaves you with a delicious and soft feeling in your pallette.

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Cool Mint

CUBA Cool mint is the spunky kid in the series, always ready with cool remark. The taste is fresh and can give even the coolest party monkey clear airways.

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Let yourself be seduced by red, mature strawberries, summer, joy, holiday dreams. CUBA strawberry will give you it all.

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"If you like Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain", then CUBA Pineapple is the one for you. Summer, beach, rainy days... it will go with anything and will make every fibre of your being dream of exotic faraway places.

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In one mouthful, you get the sweetness of a hot summer day. Mmm this is a flavour you won’t want to miss. With CUBA Raspberry you can make an array of colourful, tasty drinks.

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Dry Lemon

Has a fresh, sour and seductive taste. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Then CUBA Dry Lemon is definitely for you.

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Summer, fun and parties. CUBA Apricot has everything in one mouthful. CUBA Apricot is distilled 3 times and has an irresistible fresh and fruity taste of apricots.

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Juicy, sweet and delicious! CUBA Watermelon is a well-flavoured soft vodka, which smells and tastes of watermelon. Sink your teeth into a nice piece of watermel … oh well make a beautiful cocktail that tastes of cozy summers.

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CUBA Mango is a vodka, that smells and tastes of summer and sweet, ripe mangoes. It will give your drinks and cocktails an exotic flavour.

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Pure Vodka

Pure, clean and raw. CUBA Pure is the version you can mix with anything! But watch out or it might make you talk jibberish or maybe have ”Sex on the beach”...

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