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The story begins in a small kitchen full of burnt out blenders, caramel, vodka and lots of fighting spirit.

The year is 1995 and it is the 5th-generation owner of Spritfabrikken Danmark, Hans Ulrik Winther Andersen, who is in the kitchen trying to make a flavoured vodka.

The idea began when he started noticing what the consumer’s interests and habits were, what the current trend was. It became clear that the trend at the time is caramel confectionery, which is still popular today.
Hans Ulrik is chasing flavour, consistency and colour. Even though the process means that more blenders go up in smoke, his will to succeed does not and in March 1998 vodka with caramel is finally ready to be tested.

Hans Ulrik takes 100 L to a trade exhibition in Herning, to see what people’s reactions are to his new product and they love it. There is a long queue to his exhibition stand and the orders far exceed what he can produce. It takes 5 months to get the production and logistics in place and he also needs a name.
Hans Ulrik says:

I quickly arrived at the name CUBA – the name leads to thoughts of the beach, party, colours, salsa … something soft and delicious. It is this atmosphere and these feelings, that are the base of why I decided on the name CUBA.

CUBA Caramel is introduced in August 1998 and has an amazing start. It is successful in nightclubs all over Denmark. Hans Ulrik also tests the international market and sends a few pallets to Spain, where it quickly becomes so popular, that competing companies are creating copies.

Later the drink GASOLINE becomes popular – a drink made from vodka and apricot syrup. This becomes the trigger for Hans Ulriks next project – CUBA APRICOT!
Through the more than 20 years that CUBA has existed, more than 14 different flavour options have been developed, and we are always looking at new possibilities.

Enjoy your CUBA as a shot or as a colourful, flavourful cocktail.
But most importantly. Just enjoy it !

Lots of energy and love have been put in to making your favourite.