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#1 Pourer

A liquor pourer is nice to have. It ensures that your bottles don’t drip everywhere and makes it easy to measure the cl you need.

#2 Shaker:

This is an essential tool, if you wish to make your own drinks and cocktails. It is used to mix ingredients and to get the right texture and flavour. There are 3 types of shakers.
– French shaker, consists of 2 metal cups
Boston shaker, consists of a metal cup and a glass. ( here you can see the ingredients being mixed)
Manhattan shaker, (also known as a cobbler) consists of 3 parts – a shaker, a sieve and a lid.

#3 Jigger:

A jigger is a measuring cup, that is used to measure liquor, juice, syrup and mixers. It can help you balance the contents of your cocktail, so you achieve the perfect flavour. A good drink is easily spoiled, when using your eyes as a measuring tool.

#4 Strainer:

A tool you can live with out, but comes in handy if you prefer drinks without too many ice cubes, flakes or fruit pulp. It is used to strain your drink after it has been shaken.
If you prefer a frothy drink, you can also use it when shaking. Alternatively you can buy a shaker with a strainer built in.

#5 Double Strainer:

A double strainer (fine strainer) is a little sieve, that is used when you don’t want any icecubes, flakes or fruit pulp in your drink. The difference from a standard strainer is this won’t leave any trace.

#6 Muddler:

A muddler is used to muddle fruits, berries, vegetables and thereby obtaining the juices, colours and flavors.

#7 Lemon/Juice press:

A juice press is used to press the juice out of fruit. It is nice to have, if you wish to use fresh fruit in your drink, however, it is not an essential tool as you can buy most types of juices already squeezed in most supermarkets.