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Bar cart:

The rolling bar, also known as the bar cart, is practical because it can easily be moved around your home, so you can entertain your guest with delicious drinks on the go.

The World on a table:

Better known as a globe bar, gives you the option of hiding or showing off your bottles and glasses. The outside is decorated with a copy of a sea map and makes the bar a decorative piece of art in your home. Some versions of the globe bar are equipped with wheels, making it easy to move around.

Now you see me – now you don’t:

Also known as the hidden bar – a functional solution if you don’t wish to have your bottles or glasses on display.

DIY Bar:

Are you the creative type? Then only your imagination sets the limit for how your home bar can look. Recycled items or old antiques can be transformed into interesting home bars. Do-it-yourself!

Handheld enjoyment:

The serving tray that is flexible, because you can access it whenever you need it. You can choose to have it on display all the time or just when you have guests. For example, you can set it up with the ingredients for a chosen drink. Find inspiration in the drinks database.

The Man Cave:

The man cave is also known as the permanent bar. The name man cave, came about because these bars were often found in basements or a heated garage. A place where the men used to meet up for a drink. Through the years the permanent bar has been on a journey and has now begun to make its way into living-rooms. However more often than not, you will still find it banished to a basement or behind closed doors, because it does take up quite a bit of space. The benefits of this type of bar are that it is always ready for guests.